Death Valley Application

Corral #14

Western Wagons Equestrian Trails Inc.

Death Valley Drive 2018

(Al Chinn Memorial Drive)

This years drive will be a Memorial to Al Chinn who was a faithful member of the club for many years.  He passed away in March of 2018 at the age of 100.  His last Death Valley trip was when he was 94 years old.  We all appreciate the lovely memories of Al and Barbara on the Drives. Barbara still keeps up with the club at 95!

Wagon Master Sue Alcott Martzolf

(760) 662-6102

Application is in PDF form.  There were some corrections on the dates in the schedule! 

Mail to ETI Corral 14 by Sept 15, 2018  after that date call for availability.

    We are allowed 15 wagons with outriders on the Drive.