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Corral #14

Western Wagons Equestrian Trails Inc.

Corral #14, a covered wagon train organization, was formed in 1967 by q group of folks who wanted to recreate the trail of the first pioneer families to cross Death Valley in search of the California gold fields.  It was supposed to be a short cut.  Our wagon group consists of horses mules, ponies, riders, drivers, and walkers.  We participate in wagon trains all over the west and were part of the California's Sesquicentennial Celebration.

President  Jeanette Hayhurst
760-953-8520  jethayhurst@gmail.com

Vice President Katie Christman 
661-824-2609 ckmoonraker@earthlink.net

Secretary  Linda Elder

Treasurer  Sue Alcott Martzolf
760-662-6102     sue.a.mart14@gmail.com

We invite you to join us:  Family membership is $70,  Single membership is $45 includes $10/person for Insurance. 
Call for an application.